August 13, 2015

Some thoughts on the "Rejuve Universe"

Lurking Dragon's Rejuve Universe is an intriguing thought-experiment on how society would affected if it were possible to turn adults back into children, both physically and psychological. In my opinion LD succeeds in creating a complex society which is deeply impacted by the technology of rejuvenation.

In particular LD has done a good deal in working out the reasons why people are rejuvenated: for medical reasons, as punishment or as a method for life extension. And how these different reasons of rejuvenation result in different types of children and the consequent hierarchy among rejuves.

But let me look deeper into the issue of penitas (those who are rejuvenated as a punishment). In the Rejuve Universe serious criminals will spend one or more cycles as a prepubescent child and once they have completed their sentence they are allowed to grow up to adults again, but until their "21st" birthday they are still considered as minors.

In LD's own Rejuve story, Melody's stories, the protagonist, Melody, has been sentenced to three cycles as a child between 6 and 12 years for the crime of embezzlement. This is a 18 year sentence, to which we should add another 9 years Melody would have to spent as a completas. So Melody has to spent 27 years as a child for her crime.

I know that during the completas stage Melody won't technically be a convict, but she will still be a minor - till she turn 21 again - and hence be required to have a legal guardian who are allowed to spank her as they see fit.

Personally I find the combination of the duration of her sentence (up to 27 years) and the very frequent corporal punishment she will be subjected to during this period, far too harsh for just embezzlement.

For comparison in the country where I live, the Netherlands, in order to get a sentence between 18 and 27 years, one need to commit very serious crimes such as multiple counts of child rape, the combination of murder and rape or multiple murders. And then the Netherlands is only second to England in harsh sentencing in West-Europe.

Also I am doubtful whether such punishment would in any way effective both in terms of deterrence and rehabilitation. It's generally accepted that the probability of getting caught is more important as deterrence than the actual punishment one will get.

Nevertheless I believe the Rejuve Universe is a great as a literary setting.

See also

The Rejuve Universe Explored - here Mordanicus explores whether rejuvenation as described by Lurking Dragon is a plausible concept

June 10, 2015

On robots and spanking

Probalbly a common problem for many spankos: you have a need to be spanked, but you don't have a partner who is willing to spank you. And after time, it can really be frustrating.

Of course, you solve this by practising self-spanking but a self-spanking is not as good as getting spanked by another. Especially not if you need spanking within a disciplinary context - if you lack sufficient self-discipline, you probably are not suited to punish yourself. Otherwise you won't need spanking in the first place, will you?

In a short SF spanking story Mordanicus explores the idea of a spanking machine as a solution for this problem.

Juliette is a nineteen year old college student, who has trouble to do her collegework and has a tendency for procrastinating. The young woman realizes that she won't pass first year if does not get spanked for laziness.

Fortunately her parents have given her a personal robot for her birthday and she order him to spank her whenever she neglects her studies. Only her robots is programmed with Asimov's famous Three Laws of Robotics and this prevents it from spanking its owner whenever she needs it.

Juliette is trying to seek a way to get around this problem, so she can get the spankings she need.

You can read the story here.

May 25, 2014

Birthday present

On the morning of my 18th birthday my stepsister Camilla woke me up.

"Happy birthday, sweet step-bother!"

"Thank you, Camilla."

Camilla gave me three kisses on my cheeks, and one on my lips.

"Step-brother, I have something for you."

She then put a box wrapped in dark blue paper, on my chest. Eagerly I unwrapped the box, and a couple of moments later I discovered it was a chastity belt for male. Honestly I was not surprised that Camilla gave me this. My stepsister hated it if I masturbated with her permission. She has put me over her knees many times after catching me masturbating.

"Simcor. would you please put on this chastity?" "Of course, Camilla."

The idea that Camilla would from now control if and when I was allowed to get an orgasm, aroused me. For the last few years I had been her willing submissive, and this was just the next phase.

I stood out of my bed, I dropped by shorts. Subsequently I removed the belt from its box, and put it on. After I had locked the belt, my stepsister demanded:

"Give me the key." "Yes, miss."

"I'll keep this key with me, boy. Since you can't control your masturbation behaviour, you are in need of a more stringent form of discipline."

"I understand, miss Camilla."

"You will have to earn sexual pleasure, and I will decide whether you deserve an organism. Is that clear?"

"Yes, miss."

"Please, lay on your belly."

When I was laying on my bed, Camilla gave me a birthday spanking with her riding crop. Thereafter, I was allowed to stand up again. My stepsister gave me an intense cuddling.

May 01, 2014

My personal weight coach

My best friend is Sylvia, a tomboy whom I knew from high school. After graduating from high school, we stayed in touch with each other. And from time to time, usually a few times a year, we visit each other.

During one visit at her place, my former classmate remarked:

"Sam, you have a littly belly, haven't you?" I nodded, and replied:

"Yes, I am a little bit overweight."

"Do you have plans to do something about it?"

"I intend to do physical exercises, but you know..." "You mean you haven't the discipline to do so?" "Yes."

Then Sylvia got a big smile on her face.

"Maybe, I can help you."

A little bit amazed, I asked:


"I can help you with your lack of discipline."

"Please, explain."

"What you need is a clear program of exercises, and weight loss targets  with deadlines. I can make schedule for you. Let's say that you have to lose five kilograms in six months, we could agree that each month you try to get rid of one kilogram."

"I understand your schedule. However, the problem is that you need to do exercises, and if I forget those... You know."

"I see, and therefore it's necessary that there are consequences if you don't lose your with in time."

"Consequences? What consequences?" I curiously asked my friend.

Sylvia stood up, and left the living. A few moments later she returned, now with a whip in her hands.

"I got this whip as a birthday present a few years ago."

I didn't need a further explanation what my former classmate meant with consequences.

"So you're going to whip me, if I don't lose enough weight?" "Exactly."

To my own surprise I wasn't shocked. On the contrary I felt a little bit excited by Sylvia's proposal.

"The first thing we need to do, is to establish how much weight you need to lose," Sylvia explained to me. "Hence I need to measure your length and weight." "Yes."

"Sam, could you take off your clothes, please? Only your boxer short can you keep on." "Yes, I could."

And slowly I started to remove my clothes. Meanwhile Sylvia collected a measuring tape and a weight scale. And when was standing in my boxer, the young woman said:

"Go stand against the wall."

I did what Sylvia instructed me. And when I stood against the wall, she put a small pencil line on the wall at the height of the top of my head. Subsequently she measured the length from the floor to the line. Thereafter I had to stand on the scale, and she noted down my weight.

Then my former classmate took her smartphone, and she entered my length and weight into some app.

"Sam, according to this app, you're six kilograms overweight. Hence I would suggest, that we agree that you will lose half an kilogram every two weeks." "That seems reasonable." "All right, then I suggest the following rules to follow. First, you will do twice a day ten minutes of exercises, I will give you list of suggestions you could do. Second, you will only take three meals a day. If you follow these rules you will lose your weight according to our schedule."

Sylvia took a short break.

"I will only measure your weight, that's the only way I will check what you do. But if you haven't met your target I will whip you. For each kilogram above schedule, you will receive ten strokes with this whip.

"And once you are at your proper weight, we will continue this program, but then to keep you on your right weight. Okay?" "Yes, Sylvia."

Since I thought we were finished, I tried to collect my clothes. But my friend stopped me.

"Before you put your clothes back on, I suggest you will receive ten strokes with the whip. In that way, you will know what it felt to be whipped." "Okay." "Put your hands on your knees, and bent over." "Yes, Sylvia."

When I was in position, she hit me with her whip.

"Sam, I will whip you with harshly, because it's intended as a deterrent. Severe pain is therefore necessary." "I understand."

And after ten force full blows, I had difficulty to sit for the next few days. According to my best friend Sylvia this would keep me line with my exercises. And she was quite right, at least for the first few weeks...

February 22, 2014

Camilla's Aunt Barbara

During the summer holidays of the year in which I turned 15, my stepsister Camilla and I spent the first two weeks at the farm of her aunt Barbara, which was located near the shores of the Frisian lakes. Camilla's aunt lived there together with her daughter Myrtle, who was just a few month my senior.

Myrtle and her cousin were avid sailors, and hence we spent most of our time sailing at the lakes. And because she had the most experience of us all, Myrtle was our captain. Camilla and I had to take her orders, but we did not mind that. The girls and I had a lot of fun together.

At the third day, we returned from the lakes at around six o'clock. Aunt Barbara had already prepared dinner when we arrived at her farm. After we had finished eating, Myrtle, Camilla and I were supposed to do this dishes. But since Myrtle's mother did not own a dishwasher, we had to do it manually.

The girls and I soon agreed, that I what do the dish washing and that my stepsister and her cousin would take care of the drying. While I was filling the sink with hot water, Camilla and her cousin produced a pile of clean towels. It took a while before the sink was filled, and meanwhile the two cousins had become slightly impatient.

Both girls already had a towel in their hands, waiting for the first item to be dried. When the sink was finally filled, I bend myself over it. And while I was busy with washing the first few items, I felt two hits right after each other at my butts. In a reflex I was looking behind my shoulders, and I saw Myrtle and my stepsister each with a twisted towel in their hands.

Immediately I got whipped again by them.

"Do not look behind you, keep washing, boy." Myrtle said with a stern voice. Thereafter I was hit again. "You are too slow, keep up speed!" said my stepsister, as if it was an order.

I continued to wash the dishes, while ignoring the towel whippings. But because the pain, that proved to be impossible. And honestly it aroused me. Rather than speeding up, I was washing as slow as I could, hence inciting the girls to whip me more and over an extended period of time.

In the end it took me about ten minutes to finish the dish washing. During this period I was whipped over a fifty times. So my butts were glowing of pain.

A few minutes later the girls had finished to dry the clean dishes. And subsequently we went to the living. There my step-cousin said:

"Young man, you have been slow with washing the dishes at purpose. That is very, very naughty."

"And therefore you will get punishment," my stepsister added.

"So put your hands on your knees, and bend yourself," Myrtle commanded.

I saw that the girls had taken wooden spoons from the kitchen. Without hesitation I obeyed my stepsister's cousin.

With the spoons the girls spanked me then, in alternating fashion: first Myrtle, then Camilla. They spanked me very energetically, and I received a countless number of hits over the period of, I guess, three minutes. Thereafter, I had to return the spoons to the kitchen.

That night I had to sleep at my belly, and the next few days I was also unable to sit comfortably.

January 12, 2014

My Stepsister Camilla

My parents divorced when I was six years old, and my mother remarried when I was fourteen years old. My stepfather Stephan was a colleague of my mother, and he had a daughter from his previous marriage, with the name Camilla. Unlike my mother, Stephan was a widower instead of a divorcée, since Camilla's mother had died in a car accident a few years earlier. After the wedding my mother and I left our rental apartment and moved into Stephan's house.

Though Camilla's was about seven months my junior, my stepsister tried to dominate me from the first moment. To be honest, I was quite attracted to Camilla, as she was a beautiful girls. So my stepsister succeeded quite well in dominating me. Whatever she asked me to do, I did so without complaint. But because of this, we developed a strong and intimate bond with each other. My stepsister was smart enough not too much from me, that it would negatively affect my performance at school.

At my fifteenth birthday Camilla woke me up:

"Congratulations my dear bother!"

"Thank you very much, Camla."

"Sammy, I have a special gift for you."

"What kind of gift?"

"I will give you a birthday spanking."

"A what?"

"I will put you over my knees, and then I will give as many smacks as your age in years plus one to grow up."

I had never been spanked before, neither as punishment nor as birthday present. Of course, I knew nevertheless that a spanking meant to be painful, at least to make sense as a punishment. But I was quite curious to find out how it would feel to get a spanking, so I complied with my stepsister's desire.

Without hesitations I stood up, and my stepsister was sitting at the edge of my bed. Camilla had already been dresses, while I was still in payjamas. Subsequently I bent myself over her lap, and when I lied with my belly on Camilla, she grasped me in a strong hold. Then she smacked my butts with her flat hand, it did really hurt. But simultaneously the spanking excited me.

Camilla administered the smack right after each other, hence the whole spanking was over within a minute. After the spanking my stepsister asked me:

"Did you like to be spanked, my bother?"

"Yes, I did."

"Maybe I should spank you once a week?"

"I think you should spank me more than once a week."

Camilla smiled, and said:

"Let's start with once a week. We can see later, if you need more frequent spankings."

Thereafter my stepsister pulled me up, and we started kissing and hugging.

December 12, 2013

Domestic servant subsidies?

Through a friend of mine, I got along this post by an excellent economy blogger Philkingtonphil. In his post he great an idea by John Carney to introduce domestic servant subsidies. Usually I tend to agree with Philkingtonphil on most topics, but on this one I heavily disagree with him.

The core of the issue is the introduction of a job guarantee program, a system in which the government will employ people in times of high unemployment. Such policies are usually proposed by left-wing economists and supported by left-wing politicians. Conservatives usually tend to oppose such measures. Well mostly, John Carney is a conservative. But his proposal is slightly different from job guarantee proposals from the left. Instead of creating a new government organization which employs people, Carney wants to create subsidies for people to hire domestic servants.

Basically Philkingtonphil rejects this idea because John Carney is a selfish conservative, I will leave this classification to him. But further I see no reason why Carney's proposal should rejected out of hand. And Philkingtonphil's remark that you could replace "domestic servant" with "sex worker" or "pornographer" in Carney's text, is to me just a game of words and not a substantial argument.

Only his remark that a society could do better than offer just jobs as domestic servants to its unemployed, is something I could agree with. But does not prove that Carney's proposal is wrong. We could establish a system in which domestic servants subsidies with other employment subsidies. This would offer a choice among jobs to the unemployed.

Personally I think that a domestic servant subsidy would be a good idea. Though I would design the system differently than Carney did. Rather than giving people a tax break, I would let the government pay the salary of the people employed in this manner. As a georgist I am opposed to income taxes, so a break on that type of taxation would be impossible.

Many middle class families can use domestic services very well, but most middle class families cannot afford to hire domestic workers. Further domestic work is suitable for unskilled or low skilled people such as high school (or even college) drop outs.

Is domestic work actually bad? Many high school and college students do work as waiters or dish washers in restaurants, bars and businesses like that. Domestic service is not much different from that work.

And if I might speak for myself, I would seriously consider to be a domestic servant if I would be 18 again. I seriously believe that young people, especially young males, would gain much from the experience as a domestic servant. In particular they would get disciplined, which would help them with getting their own lives on track.